In 2016 I traveled around 12 countries, competing and filming with my wakeboard and wakeskate.

In between filming, with the idea to capture my travels and riding for a year end EDIT.

ECLIPSE is a summary of my season, a combination of competing and free riding. The edit was financially supported by Rip Curl and SPY Optics and further supported by Thai Wakepark, my home cable. The clips were collected by me, and then sent to Andy Kolb to put together the edit.

Half way through my 2016 season, a fellow Thai wakeboarder, Mac Rosen had a freak accident while riding, resulting with him losing his leg. After that happened, I released this edit one week earlier on Vimeo Demand and we have premiers in around 20 countries to raise money for his road to recovery.

ECLIPSE was always intended to be a freeview project, but in the week before release, we have managed to raise close to USD15,000.00 to help Mac with his recovery. The Vimeo on demand is still there, you can donate USD10.00 (100% after Vimeo fee’s goes to Mac) and you will also have access to 35 minutes of RAW files, plus by section in the 2014 Wakeboard movie THE DEBUT. Before this section was only possible on line, by purchasing it via iTunes.

So as I come to the end of the 2016 season, I want to thank everyone who has supported me (credits in the edit), and I look forward to another adventure in 2017.

Daniel Grant

screengrab from wakeboard wakeskate video edit Eclipse by Daniel Grant edited by Andy Kolb