St Patricks Day Shenanigans

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just another day out at flipside watersports having fun celebrating st. patricks day!

riders: adrian upton, jason dill, and a little bit of myself.

check out flipside watersports at oak mtn state park!

screengrab of wakeboarding video

Seth & Brady gopro doubles at BSR

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Tight winter weekend at BSR with Seth Colbert & Brady Patry … good times, good vibes … nothing better than riding doubles filming with a gopro. Filmed by Seth Colbert, Brady Patry, & Mark DeVelde … edited by USCableWakeParks … Thanks to the Patry’s, Royal & Grassman for the hospitality!

seth colbert & brady patry bsr cable park seth colbert & brady patry bsr cable park seth colbert & brady patry bsr cable park seth colbert bsr cable park seth colbert bsr cable park brady patry bsr cable park brady patry bsr cable park

Complete List of Cable Wake Parks in France

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1.) TND Wakepark – Téléski Nautique de Damazan: Full size cable system … plenty of obstacles.

TND Wakepark - Téléski Nautique de DamazanTND Wakepark - Téléski Nautique de Damazan 1


address: Lac du Moulineau, Lieu dit du Moulineau, 47160 Damazan, France

2.) TSJ Wakepark – Téléski Saint Jean: Full size cable system … plenty of obstacles … at the base of the Pyrenean Mountains.

TSJ Wakepark 3 TSJ Wakepark


address: Base de loisirs, Saint-Jean-Pla-de-Corts

3.) KumWakePark: 2.0 with some nice Unit obstacles … at the base of the Pyrenean Mountains.

Kum-Wake-Park Kum Wake Park 1KumWakePark


address: Parc des dosses,Le Barcarès

4.) FISE Wake Academy: 2.0 system … huge obstacles

FISE Wake Academy aa


address: Bassin jacques coeur, Port Marianne,Montpellier, France

5.) EXO 83 / Le Muy: Full size 5 tower cable system … plenty of obstacles.

EXO 83 - Le Muy aaaEXO 83 - Le Muy aa EXO 83 - Le Muy a


address: Lac du Rabinon,83 490 Le Muy, France

6.) Exo 84 Cable Park / La Motte du Rhône: Full size cable system .. island in the middle … plenty of obstacles.

Exo 84 Cable Park  La Motte du Rhône a Exo 84 Cable Park  La Motte du Rhône


address: Les Grèzes Hautes, 84840 Lamotte-du-Rhône, France

7.) Exo 38 Cable Park / Tencin: Full Size cable system … kickers & sliders … lake surrounded by mountains! The Chartreuse Mountains is a mountain range in southeastern France, stretching to the north from the city of Grenoble to the Lac du Bourget. It is the southernmost range in the Jura Mountains and belongs to the French Prealps.

Exo 38 Wakepark Tencin a Exo 38 Wakepark Tencin aa Exo 38 Wakepark Tencin


address: Lac Des Martelles, Chemin Des Songes, 38570 Tencin, France

8.) TNA Teleski Nautique Arenthon: Full size 5 tower cable system … obstacles: big & small kickers, slider box, fun box, rooftop, up rail pipe … lake surrounded by mountains! The Chartreuse Mountains is a mountain range in southeastern France, stretching to the north from the city of Grenoble to the Lac du Bourget. It is the southernmost range in the Jura Mountains and belongs to the French Prealps.

TNA Teleski Nautique Arenthon 1 TNA Teleski Nautique Arenthon 2 TNA Teleski Nautique Arenthon 3 TNA Teleski Nautique Arenthon 4 TNA Teleski Nautique Arenthon


address: 110 chemin du Brachouet, Arenthon, Rhone-Alpes, France

9.) Exo 01 Wake Park / La Rena: Full size cable system. Obstacles: 5 Sliders: A frame (uphill, flat, downhill), 3D Box (large and easy), Flatbar (slider flat and narrow), relentless (uphill, level, climb, descent peak 2 meters), Nessy (narrow slider curve, uphill, downhill, uphill), Step Up Box Wall 24m and new to come in during the 2014 season; Taxi and long rail Up!

Exo Wakepark 01


address: Lac De La Rena, D23 – 01240 Lent, France

10.) Cableski Condrieu: 5 tower full cable system … kickers & sliders.

Cableski Condrieu


address: Base De Loisirs de Condrieu Les Roches, 69420 Condrieu, France

11.) Cap Découverte: Looks like an activity park w/ beach & full size cable system but no obstacles.


address: Le SMAD, Maison de la decouverte, 81400 Le Garric, France

12.) TNS – Téléski Nautique Sesquières: Full size 4 tower cable park … 8 obstacles: 3 kickers, funbox, flatbar, dragon, rooftop & A frame.

TNS - Téléski Nautique Sesquières a TNS - Téléski Nautique Sesquières


address: Allée des Foulques, 31200 Toulouse, France

13.) Tng Teleski Nautique Gers: Full size cable system … obstacles: 2 kickers, rooftop, ghetto pipe, flat bar, & funbox.

Tng Teleski Nautique Gers 1 Tng Teleski Nautique Gers Tng Teleski Nautique Gers


address: Lac de L’Isle-Jourdain, 32600 L’Isle-Jourdain, France

14.) Rouffiac Cable Park – RCP: Full size cable system … obstacles: 3 kickers, sliders 1 14m, 18m 1 box 1 10m table, etc.

Rouffiac Cable Park - RCP


address: Base de loisir de Rouffiac, Lanouaille, France

15.) Moncontour Active Park: looks like a full size cable system w/ no obstacles … an activity center w/ beach, etc.


address: Lac du Gué du Magne, 86330 Moncontour, France

16.) Trois Lacs Teleski Nautique: Full size 5 tower cable system … obstacles: 4 kickers, 5 sliders.

Trois Lacs Teleski NautiqueTrois Lacs Teleski Nautique


address: French street Remembrance - 27740 Poses, France

17.) Base de loisirs de Cergy – Teleski 95: full size cable system … plenty of Unit obstacles.

Base de loisirs de Cergy - Teleski 95


address: Rue des Étangs, 95000 Cergy, France

18.) Paris Wakepark: 2.0 … 2 Unit obstacles.

Paris Wakepark 1 Paris Wakepark 4


address: Interdepartmental Parc des Sports in Paris / Val-de-Marne, North plains, 72 avenue de la Folie, 94600 Choisy-le Roi, France

19.) Île de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet: looks like a full cable system w/ no obstacles … activity center w/ beach & sailing, etc.

Base de loisirs Paris - ÎLE DE LOISIRS DE JABLINES ANNET - Ile de Loisirs proche de Paris


address: Île de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet, 77450 Jablines, France

JB ONeill Visits The Philippines

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JB ONeill riding at CWC and Republic Wakepark … insane!!!

Complete List of Cable Parks in the United Kingdom

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1.) Liquid Leisure Waterski & Wakeboard Ltd: 5 tower full size cable system + 2.0 … 18 Unit Parktech obstacles.

Liquid Leisure

address: Horton Rd, Slough SL3 9HY, United Kingdom

2.) New Forest Water Park: 5 tower full size cable system + 2.0

New Forest Water Park elephant box New Forest Water Park hot tub New Forest Water Park rixen-big-kicker-wake-feature rixen-butterbox-wake-feature rixen-funbox-wake-feature

address: Ringwood Rd, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 2EY, United Kingdom

3.) JBSki – Wakeboard and Waterski: 4 tower full size cable system + System 2.0

JBSki bishops move rail JBSki fun box JBSki kicker JBSki slider JBSki small slider JBSki

address: Thorpe Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PH, United Kingdom

4.) Sheffield Cable Water Ski: Full size located in Rother Valley Country Park. café, bar, pro shop – 10 obstacles – Two kickers, two flatbar sliders, two funboxes, transferable rooftop rail, dragon slider and two Rixen wedges.

Sheffield Cable Water Ski funbox Sheffield Cable Water Ski kicker 2 Sheffield Cable Water Ski kicker Sheffield Cable Water Ski rooftop Sheffield Cable Water Ski wedge Sheffield Cable Water Ski Wakeboard and Waterski at Sheffield Cable Waterski

address: Rother Valley Country Park, Mansfield Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S26 5RN, United Kingdom

5.) Box End Park: full size cable system.

Box End Park 2 Box End Park

address: Box End, Kempston, Bedford, MK43 8RQ

6.) Festival Wakeboard Park: Full size cable system+ 2.0

Festival Wakeboard Park 3 Festival Wakeboard Park

address: Festival Leisure park, Waterfront Walk, Basildon SS14 3WB, United Kingdom

7.) WakeMK: Full size cable system.


address: The Cable Building, V10 Brickhill Street, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK15 9HQ, United Kingdom

8.) Foxlake Adventures: 2 – 2.0’s … obstacles: 2 rooftops, 4 kickers, funbox.

FoxLake Adventures 1 FoxLake Adventures

address: Hedderwick Hill Stables, Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1XF, United Kingdom

9.) Siblyback Lake: Only clockwise full cable system in the UK.

Siblyback Lake 2 Siblyback Lake Siblyback Lake 4 Siblyback Lake 3

address: Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 6ER, United Kingdom

10.) WMSki: 5 tower full system plus 2.0

WMSki 1 WMSki 2 WMSki 3 WMSki 4 WMSki 5 WMSki 6 WMSki

address: Cotswold Country Park and Beach (Lake 31) Spratsgate Lane, Shorncote, GL7 6DF

11.) WakeUp Docklands: 2 – 2.0’s (one of which is the “gold cable” – the 100th built by Sesitec) located in the sheltered waters of Royal Victoria Dock.

WakeUp DocklandsWakeUp Docklands 1

address: Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, London E16 1AG, United Kingdom


12.) Hannam’s Wake Hub: 2 – 2.0’S 2 seperate cable lakes, ‘The Pond’ and ‘The Park’, as well as the UK’s only permanent pool gap.

Hannam's Wake Hub INCLINE FOR CABLE 2 Hannam's Wake Hub kicker Hannam's Wake Hub ollie box Hannam's Wake Hub pipe  Hannam's Wake Hub rooftop Hannam's Wake Hub spine kicker

Hannam's Wake Hub pool gapHannam's Wake Hub

address: Cambridge Rd, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 3FT, United Kingdom

13.) Black Pool Wakepark: 2 System 2.0′s 10 acre lake is set in the beautiful Fylde countryside and was created from a natural spring discovered on the farm land.

A-Frame Box with Bank Rail Incline Rail Kicker Manual Box with Flat Bar

address: Ream Hills Farm, Mythop Road, Weeton, Preston, Lancashire PR4 3NB, United Kingdom

14.) Just Wake cable park: (Tattershall Lakes Country Park) 2 x System 2.0 Straight Line Cables, with 9 Quality Branded Obstacles (Unit Parktech & Industy Wake Parks).

Just Wake Cable Park 2 Large Kickers Just Wake Cable Park 96ft Long O’Neill Funbox (Transfer Box) Just Wake cable park Red Bull Pipe Rail Just Wake Cable Park Red Bull Quarter Pipe Just Wake cable park

address: Bluebell Lodge – 22 Duck Lake (Tattershall Lakes Country Park), Sleaford Rd, Tattershall, Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN4, UK

15.) Salford Community Sport: Sesitec System 2.0 cable system, set up here at the Helly Hansen Watersports Centre.

Salford Community Sport

address: Salford Community Leisure Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton, Salford, M27 5DA

16.) Glasfryn Parc Activity Center: 2 lakes with 3 System 2.0 cables … first cable wakeboarding park in Wales … on the Llyn Peninsula. Obstacles: Leviathan, Flat Bar, Mystic Big Air kicker and two O’Shea wall rides.

Glasfryn Parc 2 Glasfryn Parc 3 Glasfryn Parc 4 Glasfryn Parc 5 Glasfryn Parc

address: Y Ffôr, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 6PG, United Kingdom

17.) Liverpool Wakepark: 2 – System 2.0’s. advanced obstacles: transfer box, incline, rooftop rail, Unit handrail.

Liverpool Wake park 1 Liverpool Wake park

address: Liverpool Watersports Centre, 110 Mariners Wharf, Liverpool, L34DG


18.) Wakelake: 2 – System 2.0’s. obstacles: 2 small jumps, a spine kicker, straight box, and rooftop system.


address: Wakelake Ltd, Chasewater Country Park, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS8 7NL


19.) North Devon Wake Park: 2 – System 2.0’s. 8 obstacles.

north devon wakepark 2north devon wakepark 1

address: The Milky Way, Bideford, North Devon, EX39 5RY


20.) Kernow Wake Park: System 2.0. obstacles: small kicker, large kicker, Unit pipe, A frame box.

Kernow Wake Park

address: Kessel quarry, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9BZ


21.) South Coast H2O: 2.0

south Coast H2O


22.) Lagoon Watersports -Wakeup Brighton: 2.0

Lagoon Watersports

address: Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4LX, United Kingdom

23.) Quayside Wakeboard & Waterski: system 2.0 … Unit Parktech obstacles “the spine” kicker & flatbar.

Quayside Wakeboard & Waterski flatbar and spine kicker

address: The Quays, Coleford Bridge Road, Mytchett, Camberley, Surrey GU16 6DS, United Kingdom

24.) Club Wake Park: 2.0

Club Wake Park

address: Grendon Lakes, Main Road, Grendon, Northamptonshire,NN7 1JW

25.) Go Wake: 2.0 in South Wales.



**all of these photos were downloaded from the park’s website or facebook pages.

**visit our website with complete listing of all the cable parks in the world


Last Round Please

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So its bittersweet, because I think this is the best video we’ve made, and its also the last to ever come out of Ski 360 Singapore which just shut down.

But still, had an awesome time making this, and full props to Greg Pavlov and Sam Lennard who put into many, many hours filming and editing to get this done.

Hope you enjoy and please share :)

Follow me on Instagram at markgriffin_

screengrabof Mark Griffin "Last Round Please" on vimeo

Wakeboarding – 2014 Crash Reel

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always a good time!

photo of wakeboard wipeout


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