The World Wakeboard Association holds a series of worlds class competitions each year with generally 3 different events at 3 different cable parks across the US hosted by Monster Energy & Nautique. This year the events were held at BSR Cable Park, Texas Ski Ranch & Orlando Watersports Complex. Here’s some video edits, photos, & results from these insane events.

here’s some links to articles covering the results … Tom Fooshee & Angelika Schriber are double winners…(WWA) ,

Bsr also laid down an additional $50,000 cash for a separate event on their insane bi-level drawing top pro riders from all over the world for a separate wakeboard & wakeskate event the same weekend. Congrats to James Windsor for winner 1rst place and walking away with $4000 cash!

2013 pro men’s rankings

2013 pro features rankings

Ange Schriber Tom Fooshee Matty HaslerDaniel Grant James Windsor Chandler PowellBrett Little Collin GeeBrady PatryTom FoosheeChandler PowellMatty Hasler

BSR Cable Park

TSR ~ Texas Ski Ranch

OWC ~ Orlando Watersports Complex

WWA ~ World Wakeboard Association