photo by USCableWakeParks
photo by USCableWakeParks

“Born in California, Julian Cohen moved to Florida at a young age and started wakeboarding shortly after. By the time he was 14, he was already killing it on the water. He became the first and youngest wakeboarder to land a 1080 in a cable competition. From there he worked his way up through the rankings to take 5th at the 2011 World Cable Championships, 2nd at the 2011 USA Boat Nationals and he ranked 1st on the 2011 USA Wakeboard listing. Currently at age 20, Julian is well on his way to become the best in the world.

Julian is a fan favorite all over the world because of his friendly and personable character. Always joking around and having fun, you’ll most likely see him with a camera in hand, making a new clip to post on You Tube or Facebook. He is quite the entertainer on and off the water…” article by Jobe Watersports click here for more

Julian is the top local pro at Orlando Watersports Complex so I wanted to see if he had any advice for beginners at the National Points Chase Championships hitting the park for the first time and still trying to dial in … here’s what he had to say:

Tip #1. Each rail is difficult and different. Focus on each one as they come by. Do not come up to an obstacle while focusing on the next. It’s a very short and is a fast course.

#2. Contest riding at owc is fun! But we take free riding more serious haha Oxymoron right there!

#3 my best tip for everyone coming to owc. Bring a smile, bring your gear, and just ride for yourself. I promise you’ll be happy weather you do good or not!

#4 get a Polaroid action camera and make fun Instagram videos for your friends to see your having fun while they are at school (he just posted a hilarious fast speed video on instagram)

check out Julian's new 2014 Jobe signature board
check out Julian’s new 2014 Jobe signature board “The Conflict”
photo by USCableWakeParks
photo by USCableWakeParks

Good luck at Points Chase Championships!!!

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